Piano Four-Hands

Harriet Bolz

Capitol Pageant for Piano Duet

A favorite one-movement piece for two-piano teams.

The score is available from Hildegard Publishing Company.

Lomon, Ruth

Soundings for piano duet

” This piece is about sound and Lomon gets some lovely & unusual ones.” (The American Music Teacher)

Soundings is dedicated to pianist Iris Graffman Wenglin. A review in Notes describes the piece as follows: “Most appropriately named, Soundings utilizes a wide range of effects special but natural to the piano. Lomon’s resourcefulness in juxtaposing pitch patterns, textures, and instrumental effects sustains…the overall coloration of the work.” 

The score circulates at the New York Public Library. And a recording is available from Navona Records.

Polin, Claire

Phantasmagoria for piano four hands

Phantasmagoria calls for the placement of three or four small metal bells on the central strings of the piano to produce a harpsichord-like twang. The composer indicates that this special effect may be omitted, but that a certain quality of mystery in the piece will be lost thereby. 

The score is available from J.W. Pepper.