Bolz, Harriet

Narrative Impromptu for Harp

The subtitle to the piece is Street of Dreams.

Lomon, Ruth

Dust Devils for Harp

“fascinatingly written” (Chicago Tribune)

Composer Mel Powell describes the composer and this work as follows:” Throughout, Lomon’s musical language is a model of coherence, no small feat when one considers the great degree of diversity informing this composition. The work is a pleasure to listen to, projecting the combined riches of elegant imagination, subtle craft, and an unfailing sense of apt sonority.”

The titles of the three short movements are: The Whorl, The Eye, and The Jinn.

A recording is available on YouTube.

Schonthal, Ruth

Interlude for Harp

Interlude was composed in 1980 and is in one movement marked Andante, molto rubato.

The music circulates at the New York Public Library.


Van Appledorn, Mary

Sonic Mutation for Harp

“The piece is captivating. . .” (IAWM Journal)

Written in 1986, Sonic Mutation is edited by harpist Gail Barber and dedicated to her. The nine brief movements explore the tone color capabilities of the instrument, using harmonics and percussive strikes of the soundboard.