Organ & Harpsichord

Bolz, Harriet

Episode for Organ-Autumn Joy

This piece is an arrangement of the first movement of the Sonata for Cello and Piano which was written by Harriet Bolz for her cellist son when he was in high school. She later arranged the first movement of the Sonata for organ to be played at his wedding, and it is in this version that the piece has been frequently performed. 

A copy of the score is available on ebay.


Sonic Essay and Fugue for Organ

Contemplative and fresh, the piece is marked Andante con moto. 

Lomon, Ruth

Seven Portals of Vision for organ

“captures the spirit of the poems… audible imagery” (MLA Notes)

Composed for the four-manual organ in Hill Auditorium on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Seven Portals of Vision is dedicated to Joanne Vollendorf who premiered the work there in 1983.

The specified registrations indicate the color contrasts which are essential to the character of each movement. With these registrations as a guide, the work can be performed on a smaller instrument. An assistant is necessary in three movements for the key weights and register tremolo. The movement titles are: Kaleidoscope, Elysian Fields, Blake’s Vision, Apocalypse, The Man with the Blue Guitar, Chiaroscuro, and Here as in a Painting. 

The score circulates at the New York Public Library.

Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne

Parquet Musique pour Clavecin

“a composer with a wide range of styles and forms to her credit.” (The Music Connoisseur)

Van Appledorn dedicated Parquet Musique (1990) to organist and harpsichordist, Barbara Harbach. The piece is short but fast in nearly continuous sixteenth notes, sometimes single notes in each hand and sometimes clusters, that only occasionally break for a pause and a change in tempo.