Women in Music and Concert Music:

International Alliance for Women in Music
Vast resource regarding women composers, musicians and scholars. 

The Music Division of the Library of Congress
The Arsis Press archives are housed in the Performing Arts Library. 

University of Oregon’s Guide to Doing Research on Women in Music
GENDER AND MUSIC in the Knight Library’s Music Services Dept. 

The Online Source for and about Women Composers. 

Sarah Whitworth’s  Early Music Women Composers Page 
MIDI files, parallels to the work of historical women artists, and historical women composers links among other valuable reference links. 

The Education Index
Great site–we recommend the Women’s Studies, College Education, and Music pages. 

ChoralNet (International Federation for Choral Music)
Huge source of choral information. 

Classical Net
Fine source of info on every aspect of Classical music.

The Macdowell Colony
Retreat for artists in New Hampshire

The New York Public Library
The Performing Arts Library houses many Arsis Press scores.

Piano Internet Resources List

Piano Page (Piano Technicians Guild )
“The piano is an incredible piece of ingenuity and craftsmanship. While the piano is 300 years old, the basic engineering of today’s piano was done almost 100 years ago and it has changed very little since. This page is for all piano lovers on the Internet.”

Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music
A”web nexus” for contemporary music and composer, the site has many resources including extensive information about individual composers.

Twentieth Century Violin Concertos

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
A retreat for artists of various disciplines in Sweet Briar, Virginia.

Women in the Arts, Politics, and Job Market:

The National Museum of Women in the Arts 

National Endowment for the Arts 

The National Organization for Women Homepage (NOW)
Career advancement for professional women, with free, anonymous resume posting. 


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