Bringing concert music by women composers to the attention of performers and audiences has been the mission of Arsis Press since 1974. Arsis means 'upbeat' in Italian, and is the preparatory movement of a conductor's baton.

In recognition of this historic role, the archives of Arsis Press are housed in the Music Division of the Library of Congress.

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Note: Arsis Press scores may be ordered from individual composers

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Clara Lyle Boone

Americas Trio


Listen: Second City Chamber Series, Classical KING FM 98.1

Clara Lyle Boone was a passionate supporter of new music, of women composers, an accomplished composer and musician herself, and the pioneering publisher of Arsis Press.

Clara Lyle Boone
and The Arsis Press Story

The Washington Post (feature article)

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The beauty and professionalism of Arsis Press publications have been recognised many times by Music Publishers Association Paul Revere Awards.

Arsis Press scores may be ordered from individual composers.
Arsis Press Composers)

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