Stölzel, Ingrid Website
of Kansas City, Missouri

The Point of Pressure for string trio
8' Score and parts $10.00 #040133 AP-740

The composer writes: "The word 'pressure' is a word which can describe both a physical sensation and a state of mind. Dual Meanings are at the heart of this piece. The pressure of the act of composing, the pressure of the fingers upon the strings. The pressure of the performers to play the music well, the pressure of the sound upon the eardrum. The pressure of the very act of being conscious, the pressure of the blood. Using persistent rhythms and repetitions, the composition begs both questions: what is the point when the pressure is first perceived by the brain and what is the point when it becomes unbearable to the body."

Impulse for string quartet
13' Score $25.00 #040096 AP-706A
Parts $5.00 each #040130 AP-706B

The three movements are: Electrical Impulse, Mechanical Impulse, and Nerve Impulse

The composer writes:

"The simplest definition of the word impulse is the transmission of information from one place to another. In this information age, these impulses (electrical and mechanical) are as immediate as the air we breathe. Our own internal impulses (nerves) work to prioritize this increasingly frantic transfer. Musically, the pulse that lives in a composition is also a movement of information. The composer impulsively responds to an idea in her brain and that idea is then moved forward in time and space to an ear attached to another brain--the listener. Music is, by its nature, an impulsive act, not visible to the eye, but understood by all who listen."


A native of Germany and permanent resident of the United States, Ingrid Stölzel, is both composer and performer with the newEar Contemporary Music Ensemble in Kansas.Missouri and program manager of the Youth Symphony of Kansas City. Stölzel's music has been performed by the Adaskin String Trio, Third Angle, newEar, Hartt Contemporary Players, and Synchronia among others. She has been invited to the Oregon Bach Festival, Ernest Bloch Festival, New Otterbein Contemporary Music Festival, Hildegard Festival of Women in the Arts, Indiana State Contemporary Music Festival, and James Madison Annual Contemporary Music Festival and has done residencies at the Ragdale Foundation and the Atlantic Center for the Arts. Recently she has had masterclasses with Jennifer Higdon, Joan Tower, David del Tredici, Michael Torke, Donald Crockett, Tan Dun, Louis Andriessen, Fredric Rzewski, and R. Murray Schaefer.

Stölzel received her Master of Music in Composition from the Hartt School of Music in Hartford, Connecticut where she studied with Dr. Robert Carl and Dr. James Sellars. She earned her Bachelor of Music from the Conservatory of Music in Kansas. Arsis Press has published her Impulse her Impulse for string quartet.  


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