Pierce, AlexandraWebsite
of Redlands, California

Set of Three for Oboe and Piano
7' $ 8.00 #040110 AP-720

The movements are: Scherzando, Cantilena, and A Short Spin. The first movement is a miniature rondo with the two instruments in a give and take conversation. The second movement is a through-composed song for the oboe against a pulsating accompaniment of open-spaced chords in the piano.

Beginning with a habanera-like figure in the piano, the piece continues with a rhapsodic melody in the oboe which is not coordinated with the piano, but which proceeds independently, as if improvised. The piece is dedicated to oboist Francisco Castillo and was premiered by him with the composer at the piano in 1995.

Psalm 100
for low voice and piano or high voice and piano
Please specify which version. 5' $ 6.50 (low) #040050 AP-329A (high) #040132 AP-329B

Written in 1993, the piece is dedicated to Tina Haddon. It contains strong shifts of character, ornamentation with a Middle-Eastern flavor, and a vocal part for an agile and lyric soprano. The piece is written to be freely danced or gestured as it is sung (if desired). The pianist is an equalpartner to the singer.

Resurrection, A Christmas anthem
SATB with flute and piano or organ accompaniment
$1.25 #040016 AP-516

Written in 1983 for high school chorus, the piece is richly harmonic with spirited rhythmic motifs, and flute and piano parts suitable for intermediate players. The text of this anthem links Easter with Christmas, death with birth, the holly making a crown of thorns. The instrumental parts are independent but provide the voices with reassurance of their pitches. The text is by Robert Lee Stuart.

The Road to Calvary
SATB a cappella with soprano and baritone solos
$1.50 #040017 AP-517

Written for adventuresome church or college choirs, the piece is lyrical with a few harmonic surprises, occasional changes of meter, and conservative ranges for the soloists. The solos for soprano and baritone are short (8 and eleven measures respectively), and both solos are accompanied by the choir. The text is by Robert Lee Stuart.

Alexandra Pierce is Professor Emerita of Music and Movement at the University of Redlands, where she headed the theory and composition programs. She has received annual ASCAP Standard Awards since 1979. Educated at New England Conservatory, Harvard, and Brandeis (Ph.D.), she is a pianist, movement artist, and a founding member of Moving Voices, a repertory company that performs poetry with music and gesture (www.gct21.net/~movingvoices). She has published books and articles relating music theory, performance, and movement. Many of her 175 works are published (by Seesaw Music Corporation, Hildegard Press, Media Press, and Arsis/Sisra Press) and recorded (on Arizona University Recordings, New Ariel, Black Canyon, and VMM).

She has received commissions for two string quartets from Pacific Serenades in Los Angeles, for a symphony from Redlands Symphony Orchestra, for a chamber work for dance from Eyes Wide Open, Los Angeles.

Sisra Publications (the name Arsis Press uses for ASCAP composers) has published her Set of Three for oboe and piano, Psalm 100 for voice and piano, and two sacred choral works Resurrection and The Road to Calvary.

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