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of Washington, D.C.

Fable for string quartet
Full Score 11' $20.00 #040094 AP-704A
Parts @4.00 each $16.00 #040129 AP-704B,C,D,E

The piece was written in 1987 and premiered the same year at a concert sponsored by the National Capital Area Composers Consortium.

Fable has had several outstanding performances by the Eakins Quartet. The piece is in one movement. A slow introduction gives way to an energetic motive leading to a climactic point. The final section is a soft chorale followed by a return of earlier motives.

With Diplomas in composition and conducting from Die Hochschule für Musik in Vienna where she was a Fulbright Fellow for two years, Janet Peachey also holds a B. Mus. from The Catholic University. She has received grants from NEA, the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts, the Alban Berg Foundation and the City of Vienna Cultural Council.

Her music for orchestra, various vocal and instrumental ensembles, and solo instruments has been performed and broadcast in the U.S. and abroad. She teaches music theory and composition at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C. Arsis Press has published her Fable for string quartet.

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