Frasier, Jane Website
of Denver, Colorado

Festivous Sonata for Piano
14'30" $ 9.00 #040072 AP-110

"distinctive sound and logical structure that satisfied to the last chord" (Keyboard)

The Sonata has three movements entitled Waltz, Hymn, and Dance.


A Colorado native, Jane Frasier received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music education and a Master of Music degree in Theory and Composition from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Ms. Frasier is a former public school music teacher, private clarinet instructor, and currently has her own music copying company, The MusicPrinter. She was chosen as an Associate of the Rocky Mountain Women's Institute for the1984-85 year. Her compositions include chamber works, a piece for orchestra, a cantata for chorus and orchestra, a piano sonata, choral works, and four compositions for band.

Arsis Press has published her three-movement Festivous Sonata for piano.  

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