Bohun, Lyle de (aka Clara Lyle Boone) (1927-2015)
formerly of Washington, D.C.

The Americas Trio
for flute, clarinet and bassoon
Score and parts 4'30" $ 7.50 #040104 AP-714

The piece is dedicated to Maria Suzette Elias Carreiro Dos Santos. It is in three short movements.

Songs of Estrangement for String Quartet & Soprano
for string quartet & soprano
Score and parts 6'45" $ 8.00 #040022 AP-301

The four songs are entitled: Snow Has Lain, Flowers Fall, Death Has Risen and Love Is A-Borning. With metaphors from nature, this four movement work dramatically depicts the developing intensities of a romantic relationship which over time matures and stabilizes into mutual contentment.

score sample (pdf)

Motive and Chorale for Chamber Orchestra
(Full Score) 4' $10.00 #040062 AP-738A
Parts (2222 2220 strgs) Strings may be duplicated as needed. $12.00 #040139 AP-738B
Text of the chorale may be sung by unison chorus, or played only by the orchestra if desired.

score sample (pdf)
The composer writes: "Harriet Morgan Tyng, founder of Williard Day School in Troy, New York, taught music and French there in the middle fifties, and was an inspiration to me. Although we never met, her educational concepts deeply impressed me, and her dedicated life was the major stimulus for the creation of the piece."


All of Lyle de Bohun's songs are poignantly influenced by the melodic folk traditions of the Appalachian Mountains where the composer spent her childhood. Nevertheless, some melodies are unabashedly twelve-tone rows. This is essentially a collection of love songs with the exception of Beyond the Stars, Lovely Heart, Slumber Song, and When Songs Have All Been Sung, which offer commentary on the meaning of human existence.

Beyond the Stars
(C to F-sharp) $ 4.00 #040031 AP-310

The song is dedicated to Daniel and Nancy Boone, and is set to a text by Gwen Frostic.

(C to F-sharp) $ 4.00 #040023 AP-302

(A-flat to F) $ 4.00 #040024 AP-303

score sample (pdf)
(Beyond the Stars)

score sample (pdf)


score sample (pdf)


Goodnight Kiss
(C to F) $ 4.00 #040025 AP-304

Lovely Heart
(C to B-flat) $ 4.00 #040032 AP-311


Mirrored Love
(D-flat to F) $ 4.00 #040026 AP-305

score sample (pdf)
Goodnight Kiss)

score sample (pdf)
(Lovely Heart)

score sample (pdf)
(Mirrored Love)

Sea Thoughts
(C to F) $ 4.00 #040027 AP-306

Slumber Song
with melody instrument (C to E) $ 4.00 #040033 AP-312

(C to G) $ 4.00 #040028 AP-307
The song is a setting of Shakespeare's Sonnet, "Since brass nor stone nor earth nor boundless sea."

score sample (pdf)

(Sea Thoughts)

score sample (pdf)
(Slumber Song)

score sample (pdf)


Time Cannot Claim This Hour
(C to E) $ 4.00 #040029 AP-308

When Songs Have All Been Sung
(C-sharp to D) $ 4.00 #040034 AP-313

Winter Song
(C to A) $ 4.00 #040030 AP-309

score sample (pdf)
(Time Cannot...)


score sample (pdf)

(When Songs...)

score sample (pdf)
(Winter Song)

Lyle de Bohun was a composer as well as founder and publisher of Arsis Press. A student of Walter Piston at Harvard and of Darius Milhaud at the Aspen Music School, she began her music studies at Centre College in Kentucky, majoring in piano and theory. Her teaching career began at a small midwestern college and continued at various teaching posts in Kentucky, Michigan, New York and Washington, D.C., eventually providing the savings that enabled her to found Arsis Press (named after her own first composition) in 1974. In publishing her own music, she has adopted the French spelling of her family name, a family descended from Daniel Boone who was her great uncle. Her detailed biography appears in the International Who's Who in Music and the International Biographical Dictionary.

Arsis Press has published her Motive and Chorale for orchestra, The Americas Trio for woodwinds, Songs of Estrangement for string quartet and soprano, as well as twelve songs.

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