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Arakaki, Renee Website
of Honolulu, Hawaii

Precipice for solo violin
6' $10.00 #040091 AP-701

Highly virtuosic with double-stopped slides, syncopations and motoric rhythm, Precipice incorporates unusual timbres on the violin from harmonics and half- stopped glissandi to sub-tones (rough, edgy sounds one octave below the open string produced by bowing with extreme pressure on the first node).

The title reflects the musical ideas of the piece on several levels: the rough timbres and angular lines in the music, the intensity and precariousness in the execution of a technically challenging piece, and influences from rock and roll.


A third-generation Asian-American of Okinawan descent, Renee Arakaki first earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from the University of Hawaii in 1981. After a year of teaching conversational English in Okinawa, she returned to Hawaii where she performed in rock bands as a guitarist, singer, and sound engineer. In 1990 she established Binko Audio which now counts over 30 public school bands, orchestras and choirs among its clients. In 1997 she received a Master's degree in composition from the University of Hawaii.

Her Precipice for solo violin is published by Arsis Press. She is also published by Media Press, and has received commissions from the Purple Moon Dance Project of San Francisco. One of these, Vessels, was performed at the United Nations International Conference on Women at Beijing, China.

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